Maressia is a brand that combines quality natural fabrics, carefully chosen, with symbols embroidery in unique patterns, full of charm, made in our workshop, in limited series.

Maressia was founded by the designer Alina Marica, who transformed a dream into reality having in mind to create something significant, to change direction and go down a new path. Alina Marica gave up banking career to invest all her passion in unique fashion creations that are distinguished by quality natural materials and embroidery inspired by symbols.

When I was in college I used to make my clothes by myself using my grandmother’s sewing machine. The fashion design course, which I did after many years, was a natural consequence of my desire to make clothes.

In our workshop we pay attention to the details of quality, carefully choose suppliers, closely watch the manufacturing process and the delivery of our products, because we want to respect the most demanding requirements of our customers. All the fabrics and the threads that we use to sew are 100% natural and the technical characteristics are carefully tracked by Maressia team.

- Social Fashion Project -

Under the slogan Social Fashion Project and together with one of the most important non-profit international organization - United Way, Maressia develops social programs aimed to providing a chance for a better life for people in need, donating 10% of the cost of each product purchased from our site Because the social aspect is very important to our brand, employees of the workshop were selected from among the people with disadvantaged backgrounds, hoping to contribute to the community in which we operate.